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I have not enjoyed an episode of Castle as much as this one in quite a while. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved most of this season but this one had the feel of old school Castle.

Beckett being unable to not smile and messing with Castle. Castle trying to get all the cronut crumbs off the plate. Synchronized solving.

Practically perfect.

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ok, so…

i’m not trying to be difficult BUT…

wouldn’t bonnie know that katherine didn’t die? i mean, since katherine is “in” elena that means she can’t have crossed over to the other side… right?

and if we ignore that, wouldn’t one of the people on the other side, (say ric or lexi or even vicki) know that katherine was “in” elena? they supposedly are just hanging around all the time so wouldn’t ONE of them know what’s going on? and wouldn’t they have told bonnie before katherine could totally take over elena’s body?

it drives me nuts that this show seems to forget all of it’s own rules.

don’t get me wrong, i love katherine. but i love her as KATHERINE. not katherine pretending to be elena. 

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